Products tagged with 'long reach cutter 90'

Cutting mat 150/100

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 150/100

1.025,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 280/145

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 280/145

2.870,00 kr excl tax


The ultimate manual cutter for wide format and graphic materials Created for the busy print shop, the Evolution-E3 reduces errors and wastage to save you time and money.

13.500,00 kr excl tax

Long reach cutter 60cm

ROLLSROLLER® Long reach cutter 60

680,00 kr excl tax

Long reach cutter 90cm

ROLLSROLLER® Long reach cutter 90

780,00 kr excl tax

Long reach cutter blade

Long reach cutter blade

150,00 kr excl tax