Picture of ROLLSROLLER® Traffic 600/145T
Picture of ROLLSROLLER® Traffic 600/145T ROLLSROLLER® Traffic ROLLSROLLER® Traffic

ROLLSROLLER® Traffic 600/145T

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ROLLSROLLER® Traffic 600/145T

ROLLSROLLER® TRAFFIC is designed for road sign production with high volumes of guide signs. It has 
a special profile bed adjustable to fit almost any extruded guide sign panels. Traffic is most often used in combination with a Entry, Regular or Premium model to create a complete workflow.


ROLLSROLLER® Traffic Flatbed Applicator; Pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates up to 60 mm (2 2/5in); Adjustable aluminum profile bed (special design for mounting onto high volume of Guide sign panels); Roll holder on glide beam for pre-masking tape and laminate; Roll holder on bed end for printed or cut film; Stop static kit (cord and magnet) to dissipate static electricity; Casters (lockable); Machine feet; Owner’s manual.



  • Special design for mounting onto high volume of Guide sign panels, bend panels and extruded panels.




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Products specifications
Model Name ROLLSROLLER® 600/145T
Part no. 10354
Model Type Traffic
Bed length 6 000 mm / 19ft. 2in.
Bed width 1 450 mm / 4ft. 9in.
Length of working area 5 700 mm / 18ft. 8in.
Width of working area/roller width 1 400 mm / 4ft. 7in.
Work height flatbed 905 mm / 2ft. 12in.
Max. thickness of substrate 60 mm / 2 2/5in.
Bed surface Adjustable aluminum profiles
Roll holder on glide beam yes
Roll holder on short side yes
Stop static kit (cord and magnet) yes
Powerful and ergonomic glide beam yes
RRX Oil Free Air Compressor option
Additional roll holder on short side option
Extra glide beam with roller option
Antistatic system option
Height-adjustable table 750 - 1 100 mm (2ft. 3in. - 3ft. 7in.) option
VinylRemover option