Picture of Youlifter®  60E
Picture of Youlifter®  60E Youlifter 60E Youlifter 60E


Youlifter® 60E

Youlifter® Universal Lifter 60E. The E-Trolley is our smallest lifter.

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YOULIFTER® Universal Lifter 60E

The E-Trolley is our smallest lifter, offering a very swift and flexible lifting trolley. The lifting capacity of this lifter is max. 60 kg /132 lb. To ensure maximal safety the trolleys possess a built-in release function, which serves as protection from crushing injuries and prevents the trolley from tipping over.
The tray design makes it possible to load/unload material from printers and is perfect for scooping up heavy material from your flatbed applicator.


■ Electrical lifter
■ Ergonomic - reduce strain injuries
■ Remote controled
■ Excellent maneuverability



Products specifications
Model Name Youlifter® Universal Lifter 60E
Overall width 645 mm / 2ft 1in
Base width 498 mm / 1ft 7in
Height 1685 mm / 5ft 6in
Max. lifting height 1094 mm / 3ft 7in
Min. lifting height 120 mm / 5 in
Max. Load 60 kg / 132 lb
Dead weight 40 kg / 88 lb
Battery Capacity 12 Ah
Charging voltage 230VAC/50Hz or 115VAC/60Hz
Lifting speed with max. load 1m/10 sec up. 1m/7 sec down ; 3 ft 3 in/10 sec up. 3ft 3 in/7 sec down
Part no. 71911