A Unique ROLLSROLLER self-healing cutting mat has been developed through many years according to our specifications and high demand for quality. It is designed for large scale cutting, to protect your work bench and your blades. The ROLLSROLLER cutting mat is included in your new ROLLSROLLER but can be used for all Flatbed Applicator brands and/or work benches.

A worn cutting mat or a mat of poor quality may affect lamination quality. Compared to other cutting mats on the market, the ROLLSROLLER cutting mat guarantees that the substrate is even throughout the entire work table which is very important when using a Flatbed Applicator. Custom made original cutting mats can be used on any worktable and is available in any size.

Our cutting mats can be used for following brands of flatbet applicators: enter the required size and find your model in the scroll menu.

  • ROLL-X
  • CWT
  • Rollover
  • Bubble-Free

Cutting mat 150/100

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 150/100

975,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 280/145

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 280/145

2.720,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 340/145

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 340/145

3.303,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 340/170

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 340/170

3.760,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 340/220

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 340/220

4.860,00 kr excl tax

Cutting mat 400/145

ROLLSROLLER® Original Cutting mat 400/145

3.888,00 kr excl tax