EXC SafetyRuler

A safety ruler with anti-sliding pad underneath and protection-bar for your hand. The ruler is made of low weight Aluminum and is equipped with a measuring tape/graduated scale (mm or ft.in.).

The EXC SafetyRuler has a built-in slide-bar which allows you to upgrade with a Cutting head which makes it easier to cut perfectly straight. The Cutting head can be slid from one end of the Ruler to the other without falling out of the rails. This assures you an easy cut even through thicker panels.

Key features:

  • Hand protection-bar
  • Measuring tape/graduated scale (mm or ft.in.)
  • Anti-sliding pad
  • Low weight
  • Available sizes: 1500mm / 4ft. 11,05in : 2500mm / 8ft 2.42in. / 3500mm / 11ft 5.79in.

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10-pack med reservkniv till artikel 72460 Skärhuvud EXC SafetyRuler, kniv

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