Bild på Squeegees Pro Wrap set
Bild på Squeegees Pro Wrap set Bild på Squeegees Pro Wrap set Bild på Squeegees Pro Wrap set

Squeegees Pro Wrap set

Pro Wrap set The new squeegees developed by sign makers for sign makers! An answer to the question: "... which squeegee is the right one?" unfortunately we don't have either. There may be one argument or another for or against a certain material on a certain slide. But: The only decisive factor is the perfect result of your marking job. Most wanted a "center finder" , a haptic feature to find the geometric center of the squeegee without looking. an improved "grip recess" for the fingers different radii at the corners a hole for accessories Mini squeegee for fine work on body edges

275,00 kr exkl moms

Included in the ProWrap set: (1 piece each)

  • ProWrap Gold
    (Teflon refined "Car-Wrap" high-end squeegee)
  • ProWrap Orange
    (Teflon- coated "Car-Wrap" squeegee)
  • ProWrap Blue
    (soft "Car-Wrap" squeegee / 62 shore)
  • ProWrap Green
    (extremely soft squeegee for tinted films)
  • ProWrap Black
    (hard "Car-Wrap" squeegee / 88 shore)
  • ProWrap Teflon
    (full Teflon "Car-Wrap" squeegee / 93 shore)
  • YelloMini Orange
    (Teflon- coated "Mini" doctor blade / 82 shore)
  • YelloMini Gold
    (Teflon- coated "Mini" squeegee / 72 shore)
  • YelloWing "Felt"
    (self-adhesive felt replacement pad with edge protection)
  • YelloWing "Micro"
      ( incl. Microfibre replacement pad with edge protection)

Just test which squeegee works best for you!